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Name:Dr. Carson Beckett (Stargate)
Birthdate:Jul 13
Carson Beckett, a Tau'ri originally from Scotland, is responsible for the discovery of the ATA gene - the gene which allows humans to activate and use Ancient technology. Because of this, he was assigned to be Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis Expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy. While he was at first a bit uncertain about Gate travel, he slowly became more accustomed to it as he did it more. Now, he can't imagine himself anywhere else.

More information on Carson can be found here at the Stargate Wiki.

NOTE: In regards to Carson's later canon, I play him as having been held prisoner by Michael, but he is the original Carson. The Carson who died was the clone sent back to take his place. Any questions, please PM.

Carson and Stargate belongs to MGM. No infringement is intended - this is done just for fun. This journal also has no ties to Paul McGillion, who played the character in the franchise.

Age disclaimer for sexual situations: Carson is in his early 40s, and mun is in her 30s.
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